Five New Year's Resolutions You Should Consider

It’s a New Year, and with that comes the pressure of deciding what new commitment to make for your New Year’s resolution. New year, new you, right?

Even though 60-percent of people fail to maintain their resolutions for even half the year, there are ways to improve your odds of sticking with your goals. The key to setting a resolution that will last is being realistic, taking manageable steps, and having a support system.

Here are five New Year’s resolutions that HyVIDA can help you accomplish:

#1. Limit sugary drinks

Beverages like juice and soda are full of sugar and can sometimes be too acidic, causing immediate side effects like esophagus burn and wearing down your tooth enamel. In the long term, sugary drinks can cause weight gain, diabetes, heart disease, metabolic disorders, and can be addictive.

Many people replace sugary drinks with water, but if you love bubbles and a light, crisp taste, try 0 calorie, 0 sweetener, sparkling waters. Now if you value antioxidants, and 0 calorie sparkling water, then try HyVIDA Hydrogen Infused Sparkling Waters. With a higher pH than typical sparkling waters (less acidity) and no sugar or calories, HyVIDA Sparkling Hydrogen Water delivers softer bubbly taste on the pallet, smooth on the esophagus and teeth, and it won’t leave you with a sugar rush, then followed by the “crash” afterward. Without all of the long term negative health effects found in sugary drinks, hydrogen water is a similarly tasty, healthy beverage to help you stick to your resolution.

#2. Cut down on caffeine

Coffee lovers out there know the struggle of missing your morning coffee (or other favorite caffeinated beverages) and ending up with a throbbing caffeine headache.

If you can relate to this struggle, it’s time to consider lowering your daily caffeine consumption. While research has proven that moderate caffeine intake can have health benefits, a moderate amount of caffeine is typically 200 mg, which is one or two cups of coffee. It is shown additional caffeine consumption puts your physical health at risk.

So you can stick with your morning cup of coffee or tea, but next time you’re feeling that 3 pm slump, try HyVIDA sparkling hydrogen water. It provides a natural energy boost (without caffeine) that won’t leave you jittery.

New Year's Resolutions HyVIDA Hydrogen Water Hydrate

#3. Hydrate

Most people have heard the recommended daily water intake is about eight glasses. Hydrating can help with other personal goals, like weight loss, energy boost, mental clarity, and more.

Even mild dehydration can result in lower memory and brain performance. Not only does regular water help with this, but the hydrogen and magnesium (key ingredients in HyVIDA’s sparkling waters) improves your nervous function and overall brain performance. Magnesium improves your quality of sleep, so you can feel even better than you would with plain water.

#4. Improve your gut health

Your immune system relies heavily on gut and digestive health to function properly. For your immune system to fight off viruses and illnesses, you can take steps to make sure your gastrointestinal tract is healthy, and hydrogen (water) can help with that.

Hydrogen is a powerful antioxidant that fights toxins found in your gut, thus helping your body fight illness. Hydration also helps your immune system, so drinking hydrogen-packed water, such as HyVIDA, gives a powerful punch against potential illnesses.

#5. Get up and get moving

You don’t have to spend hours exercising to experience the benefits of being more active. Even light exercise, such as walking, can positively affect your body and make for a long-lasting resolution.

If you’re trying to exercise regularly, it’s imperative to stay hydrated and give your body enough rest between workouts. Hydrogen has also been proven to minimize recovery times between workouts by reducing inflammation and combating oxidative stress in the body. Try drinking a HyVIDA within one-hour of your workout to help ‘cool down’ the body and prepare to crush your next workout.

Just because 60-percent of people don’t keep up with their resolutions doesn’t mean you can’t maintain yours. You have the ability to set your goals and stick to them. Drinking HyVIDA beverages can support you with a plethora of health and wellness-related New Year’s resolutions.

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