Co-founder & CEO Rick Smith recognized a huge wellness and technology opportunity after traveling to Japan and researching hydrogen-infused water. Hydrogen (H2) is natures most efficient Antioxidant and nobody knew how to add it to fun beverages. He partnered with 3 scientists to guide his tech Journey.  

The biggest inspiration came from his wife Kasey, who insisted HyVIDA develops a super functional Sparkling Water. She said,  “With hydrogen-infused sparkling water, it can be honest, transparent, clean, refreshing, super healthy, and fun to drink.”  

The husband-wife duo’s mission is to make hydrogen accessible, affordable and SUPER FUN to drink. From teenagers cramming for an exam, to post-workout recovery, to professionals looking for a stimulant-free mental boost, HyVIDA has a ubiquitous appeal.  
It took our patented method to infuse hydrogen into carbonated beverages, and look out, the beverage world is about to experience a Mouth Message.


We are in relentless pursuit to push the envelope of what nature offers. How fitting, our first product starts with infusing the first element on the periodic table (Hydrogen) in sparkling water. Even though it’s the smallest element, Hydrogen has significant effective powers. Infusing Hydrogen gas with carbonation creates an amazing experience. Simply described as Better Bubbles and why we believe HyVIDA is the future of the booming sparkling water market - Sparkling 2.0TM.

We value mankind’s quest and obligation to push the envelope, whether athletically or scientifically, yet cognizant of nature’s evolutionary gifts. It’s that union, that allows us to create desirable and effective fusions that positively impact your health.