HyVIDATM Brands, Inc.

This is what you get when seriously entrepreneurial, tech-savvy fellas, from distinct backgrounds, have a thirst to solve a problem. Water is one of our most precious resources, and many of us are polluting our bodies with poor quality beverages while ignoring the long-term side-effects.  


We are in relentless pursuit to push the envelope of what nature offers. How fitting, our first product starts with infusing the first element on the periodic table (Hydrogen) in sparkling water. Even though it’s the smallest element, Hydrogen has significant effective powers. Infusing Hydrogen gas with carbonation creates an amazing experience. Simply described as Better BubblesTM and why we believe HyVIDA is the future of the booming sparkling water market - Sparkling 2.0TM.

We value mankind’s quest and obligation to push the envelope, whether athletically or scientifically, yet cognizant of nature’s evolutionary gifts. It’s that union, that allows us to create desirable and effective fusions that positively impact your health.



Rick Smith,    Co-Founder, CEO &  Board Member

Rick Smith HyVIDA CEO

Rick, the inventor of HyVIDA's proprietary hydrogen infusing methods, has over 20 years of experience growing startup companies to successful enterprises. He has held various executive positions in medical technology, semiconductors, lighting, optics and photonics markets with a strong background in sales, marketing, operations, finance and business strategy. Rick holds a BS in Mechanical Engineering and an MBA


 Bradley Patt, Ph.D.    Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board

Brad Patt Cofounder HyVIDA

Brad has over 30 years of experience as an entrepreneur and executive manager with a strong background in operations, finance, regulatory affairs and R&D of sophisticated leading-edge medical technology products. Brad is Chairman of Theracell, a regenerative medicine company and a Director at High Beauty, a CBD infused cosmetic company.  He has led several enterprises from start-up phase through rapid growth, Published 150+ Scientific Papers, and 21 Patents


John Carson   Board Member

John Carson HyVIDA Board Member

Mr. Carson has over 30 years of Executive experience in the beverage industry from startup to successful enterprise. He is Chairman of Intercontinental Beverage Capital Inc.  Chief Executive Officer and President of several leading beverage companies including Marbo, Inc., and Triarc (RC Cola). He is former President of Cadbury Schweppes, North America.  Mr. Carson is also a Board Member of the National Soft Drink Association and the Board of Directors of Water Source, Inc.


Hiroyuki Funamoto, Ph.D.    Co-Founder & Board Member   

Hiroyuki Funamoto HyVIDA Cofounder

Hiroyuki has over 30 years of leadership experience as CEO of Seiko Instruments Nanotechnology, Inc., CEO of Lymphotec Inc and Director R&D at Toyo Seikan Company. 


Chin-Tu Chen, Ph.D.    Co-Founder & Board  Member  

Chintu Chen HyVIDA Cofounder Board Member

Chin-Tu is an Associate Professor of Radiology at The University of Chicago. Dr. Chen has founded several successful companies in the medical field, where he holds Board positions.