Healthy Habits That Last

Most of us have heard over and over again how important hydration is to our health, and that we should be drinking at least eight glasses of water daily. This is especially important during winter. Additionally, if you are into a Paleo or Keto diet, then crisp clean hydration is critical. However, it’s easy to forget to drink enough water.


Why do we forget? Probably because eight glasses per day of flat, tasteless liquid are boring. So how do you stay hydrated and avoid turning to sugary, unhealthy sodas when the craving for variety kicks in?


Mix it up with sparkling water. Studies have proven that carbonated (sparkling) water hydrates equally as still water, according to Ronald Maughan, a professor at the School of Medicine at St. Andrews University in Scotland and author of a recent study comparing the hydrating effects of beverages including still water, sparkling water, and other beverages.

Last month, ABC News featured HyVIDA as one tool that can help you strive for healthy habits and make them last throughout the year.  Based in West Michigan, HyVIDA has taken Sparkling waters to a new level by infusing hydrogen gas into sparkling water. Of course, you get the fun fizzy sparkling feeling, but HyVIDA is jam-packed with as many antioxidants as an entire orange - with no sugar or calories. Additionally, HyVIDA’s higher pH delivers a smoother taste experience and better for your teeth vs other sparkling waters. Since launching last summer, HyVIDA is approaching a 1000+ store footprint and expects to expand Nationally in the natural and specialty store channels in addition to Amazon.

The benefits of Hydrogen have been proven in more than 800
scientific studies. If you’re going to be drinking water all day like you need to be, you might as well drink functional water that enhances gut health, improves sleep, and tastes refreshing in pure, lemon-lime, and raspberry flavors.

You can find HyVIDA at a number of  health food stores and on Amazon.


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