Our Favorite Workout Brands-You'll Want to Down Dog In

Whether you are working out at the gym, running on the track, or just lounging around the house we have narrowed down the athletic apparel that is worth your money. This type of clothing tends to be more expensive if you are interested in having good quality long lasting pieces. Athletic wear isn’t only for people who like fitness, it tends to be comfy and great for running errands and doing household chores. Here is a list of brands that have very high-quality athleisure perfect for anybody.


price range: $$-$$$

This might be one of the most expensive brands on this list, but the quality and fabrics are unbeatable. Lululemon has a perfect legging for every activity. Whether it be the Aligns which are perfect for light yoga, or the Wunder Train which are durable leggings for high intensity workouts. Lululemon has it all and then some. I used to be one to not spend more than $50 on a pair of leggings but once I tried these I’ve never gone back to the cheap stuff. Quality is worth the price when it comes to athletic wear, feeling your best in what you wear ultimately leads to a better workout.


price range: $$-$$$

Athleta is one of the first companies to design fitness apparel for women of every shape and size. Because of this, their brand is constantly evolving to be more inclusive and make workout clothes that are functional and fashionable. Athleta carries a variety of sizes unlike their competitors, they have petite, plus size and multiple sizes in-between. Their products tend to fit more snuggly and the material is more durable with multiple color options.


price range: $$

Alphalete makes athletic wear for weightlifters and gym goers. Their material is very form fitting and stretchy, perfect for high intensity workouts at the gym. This brand is not as popular through the athleisure aspect however, they recently began including products such as joggers and sweatshirts to level out their brand. The quality of their materials is unlike Altheta or Lululemon if you are someone who enjoys fashionable body builder style, then you must check out Alphalete.

Alo Yoga

price range: $$-$$$

Alo Yoga is perfect for light activity, this brand focuses on style and creating a high-quality look. They have a very diverse set of products with men women, and even a swim collection. The variety Alo Yoga has is exciting, their color options are what sets them apart from many other companies. Alo is gaining popularity on social media as they have taken on many influencers as their brand ambassadors this gives them that high fashion edge on many other brands when they have Kendall Jenner promoting their products. If you are someone who likes to stay up to date on the fitness fashion trends, then Alo Yoga is for you.

In conclusion,

After all, how you feel is the most important aspects of working out, its proven that if you feel confident in what you're wearing, you perform better. All these brands listed have a different target customer and each is unique in their own way. You can't look your best without feeling your best. For a great recovery boost, try Hyvida Sparkling water as your new workout go to hydrator with 0 calories and 0 sugars you won't get bloated in your athletic outfit!

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