HyVIDA Featured in Naturally Healthy Magazine

An interview with Rick Smith, President Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, HyVIDA Brands Inc.


GN:HyVIDA Hydrogen Sparkling Water

Tell us a little about HyVIDA Brands.


HyVIDA is what you get when tech-savvy entrepreneurs with spunk create a beverage. We harnessed Hydrogen, a powerful Antioxidant, infused it in sparkling water and added a dash of Certified Organic flavors. Imagine if 0 calorie sparkling waters & functional beverages had a baby.

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Vitamin C vs Hydrogen

We all know about Vitamin C. You know, the good stuff from oranges. Vitamin C is a well known antioxidant....

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HyVIDA Appoints John Carson to HyVIDA's Board of Directors

 LOS ANGELES — HyVIDA Brands Inc. a growth-oriented company focused on ready to drink beverages infused with Molecular Hydrogen, today...

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