Bella Magazine: HyVIDA, the best bubbles on the market

HyVIDA’s “better bubbles” make it a no-brainer compared to those typical water brands.




August 15, 2019







BevNet Magazine






March/April 2019




Life and Style Magazine sees the smart move of introducing zero-calorie HyVIDA as a soda swap-out


Instead of reaching for a lemon-lime soda, HyVIDA offers the guilt-free option.




February 28, 2019






HyVIDA on Fox17 Morning Mix: Mailbox Monday

HyVIDA’s high antioxidants are great for fighting the flu and boosting your immune system.




February 19, 2019





HyVIDA on My West Michigan WZZM-13 news

HyVIDA is a great partner when your trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The smooth taste without the burn will make it your new sparkling water of choice.




January 15, 2019