Get Ready for a Mouth Message!
Yup, It's That Good


  • Lighter Bubbly Mouth Feel & Ultra-Smooth Finish - Seriously, this is really cool
    • Hydrogen Gas (H2) delivers lighter bubbles on the pallet. 
    • HyVIDA's pH is 5.0 and 25x less acidic (erosive) than other sparkling waters - giving HyVIDA an ultra-smooth finish, no burn & much better for your teeth and gums. 
  • Organic Raspberry Flavors - Organic is the Best


  • Boosts: Mood, Clarity, Gut Health & Recovery
  • No Belly Bloat like typical sparkling waters
  • Loaded with Antioxidants and Magnesium
  • 1 can (12oz) has the same antioxidants as an orange, and the same magnesium as a banana) 
  • No Calories, Sweeteners, Sugars or Caffeine

BACKED BY SCIENCE: Hydrogen Gas (H2) is supported by 1,500 Published Medical Studies to be a powerful antioxidant that modulates oxidative stress and inflammation from exercise. H2 is natural and safe and leading hospitals are administering H2 gas to treat a range of conditions.  Go to our FAQs page to learn more about the amazing benefits of H2 Gas

ONLY 4 Ingredients:

Carbonated Water, Magnesium, Certified Organic Flavor and Hydrogen Gas