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Instagram Post by @tastethisreviews May 14, 2017 (Bottled Water Critic) 

REVIEW OF: HyVIDA - HyVIDA is a hydrogen infused spring water, canned at the source at the base of Mt. Fuji in Japan. If you've read my review of hFactor, you'll know I went into this review with a healthy skepticism. My experience with HyVIDA was very different. Let's first start with the water. I've never had water from Mt. Fuji. I tried it as room temp, refrigerated in the can, and refrigerated out of the can. Each time the taste was consistent. Normally different temps get you different flavors, but each was it was a really pure tasting clean water. It has a very low mineral content giving it an almost purified taste, but much fresher if that makes any sense. Overall a pretty tasty water. •

In terms of the hydrogen, this is where the science comes in. Just reading the packaging on a hydrogen water can be misleading, because that's where the company makes its claims for what it can do, almost making it seem like a gimmick. And while some waters are totally gimmicky, hydrogen infused into water has legitimate scientific backing. Many surgeons use hydrogen infused into saline bags during surgeries to help reduce inflammation. There are well over 500 studies showing the effects of hydrogen water, which can be found through links on the HyVIDA website.

Using myself as an example, two yeas ago I was on a bunk meditation that damaged my lungs leaving them both partially collapsed. I often find getting a deep breath to be difficult. What I noticed in drinking this water was a short burst of deeper easier breathing. The effects lasted maybe an hour, but I felt them nonetheless. I think continued use can help people at least for short periods with various ailments. It's definitely not a cure all or some miracle worker, but I do see the merits of drinking the water. •
I know this is a huge trend in Japan, and it's yet to be seen if it's going to catch on in the States, but I certainly think it will in the health food segments. If you are interested in trying HyVIDA, hold your horses and be patient, because it won't hit store shelves until early fall 2017, but I think it's worth the buy or at least trying. Don't be afraid to be a skeptic as I was, but if you try it, give it a fair shake.

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