Our Favorite Workout Brands-You'll Want to Down Dog In

Whether you are working out at the gym, running on the track, or just lounging around the house we have...

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Foods to Eat While on The Keto Diet

Why the keto diet works so well:

When correctly followed, the low-carb, high fat diet raises ketone levels, drastically improving your body's ability to burn fat for energy. 

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4 Ways Women Can Focus on Strength and Health When Losing Weight

Due to a variety of reasons, weight loss can be harder for women — or at least, it can require...

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HyVIDA Featured in Naturally Healthy Magazine

An interview with Rick Smith, President Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder, HyVIDA Brands Inc.


GN:HyVIDA Hydrogen Sparkling Water

Tell us a little about HyVIDA Brands.


HyVIDA is what you get when tech-savvy entrepreneurs with spunk create a beverage. We harnessed Hydrogen, a powerful Antioxidant, infused it in sparkling water and added a dash of Certified Organic flavors. Imagine if 0 calorie sparkling waters & functional beverages had a baby.

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Women over 40, Try These 8 Exercises

Regular exercises and a balanced diet are the key elements to lead a healthy lifestyle. The body needs food with...

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